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Hi! I'm so glad you're here.

If you’re wondering HOW IN THE HELL you can survive on less alcohol, I hear you. For years I reached for a nightly glass (or more) of “well-earned” wine to help me unwind from work or make it through a terrorizing bedtime routine. I spent most of my adult life working in restaurants, bars, event planning, and every aspect of hospitality. Alcohol was constantly all around me and had become a daily part of my life. And I didn’t like it. I had terrible sleep quality, gut issues, and would look in the mirror each morning and ask myself, “Is that really what my skin looks like?!” I decided to do a "reset" and temporarily put the booze aside. At first I felt a little overwhelmed... perhaps it had something to do with two toddlers under the age of five. Jump to a few weeks later and I felt incredible, and I never wanted to lose that feeling again. Here's a blog post on how I got started on my journey cutting back.

Early on during my "soberish" reset I realized this was a way for me to focus on MY healthy and happiness, not just my kids' well-being, which is so easy to be completely consumed by. I wondered if there were other people out there who also wanted to try things differently but didn’t know where to start, and  that’s how Soberish Mom was born. The abstinence approach wasn’t right for me, but developing a healthy relationship with alcohol was. Where once I was having 10-15 drinks a week (yikes), I now have 0-2 and feel amazing. While I agree that absolutely no alcohol is probably the healthier choice for all of us, and am inspired by those who make that choice, I realized moderation was what I needed in my life.

It may seem unfathomable, but believe me never in a million years did I think I'd be where I am today. So if you're interested in drinking less alcohol, I'm in your corner and I hope this site helps you on that journey.  


Cheers, Katie     

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