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The Best Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé Wines

A review of some of my favorite non-alcoholic sparkling rosé wines

One of the most frequent requests I get is for a list of the best non-alcoholic wines. And I know why - it's the category that admittedly has the furthest to go and can be the most disappointing. I've thrown a lot of wine down the drain this year, and hopefully you won't have to after reading this list.

Here is a list of the best non-alcoholic sparkling rosés I've enjoyed lately (and a few honorable mentions).

Best non-alcoholic rosés wines review
Best non-alcoholic sparkling rosé wines review

Let me be perfectly honest... are these the perfect dupes to "real" wines? No. That does not exist, as far as I can tell. When you remove the alcohol content it inevitably changes the body and flavor. So when you try nonalcoholic wines know that you really can't compare apples to apples (or grapes to grapes?), but these are some delicious ones that actual scratch the wine itch for me. And when you approach non-alcoholic wines I suggest going in with an open mind and slightly lowered... actually, let's say altered... expectations.

But first... why is non-alcoholic wine so damn expensive?

When I first started experimenting with non-alcoholic wines I was outraged at how expensive they were. I wondered if it was really worth it to pony up on a bottle without the buzz. But now I will happily pay the same amount to enjoy a nice glass of non-alcoholic wine every once in awhile. I figure what I spend avoiding booze I gain back tenfold in health benefits. I also realized that for me, it wasn't just about the buzz. I truly love and appreciate a delicious wine, and I also like to have something tasty during happy hour or at a party where everyone around me is drinking. It has really helped me stay on track drinking less.

The similarity in price is mainly because the production costs remain the same, if not more, for alcohol-removed wines. Vintners use the same initial winemaking production process as they do with regular wine. However, then production involves one additional element: the removal of the alcohol. This is done through very expensive technology and equipment, usually vacuum distillation or reverse osmosis. So you're talking about all the costs of grapes, making wine, removing alcohol, labor, and also now marketing a new alcohol-free product. That's a lot for a winery to take on.

Wölffer Estate Spring in a Bottle

Personal rating: 8.5/10
Price: $25 Found at The Zero Proof (Soberishmom 10% off discount code*)
Wölffer Estate Spring in a Bottle
Wölffer Estate Spring in a Bottle

I hate to pick favorite children, but if I had to this one would be mine (I did a more indepth reivew of it last summer as well). It's very hard to find a well-balanced, alcohol-free wine like this sparkling rosé. It has a lovely bouquet of ripe fruit and rose, with a vibrant pink color. Beautiful flavors of peach and citrus, good acidity and hint of minerality. It's off-dry with no added sugar and only 36 calories a glass. Made with organically grown grape varieties from Rheinhessen, Germany, this is delicious with or without food.

Noughty AF Sparkling Rosé

Personal rating: 8/10
Price: $22
Found at The Zero Proof (Soberishmom 10% off discount code)*
Noughty AF Sparkling Rose
Noughty AF Sparkling Rose

Thomas & Scott "Noughty" alcohol-free wines are some of my favorites, and I highly recommend their Syrah and Sparkling Chardonnay in addition to this lovely rosé. Their wines are organic, sustainably sourced, and free of unnecessary fillers. This rosé is clean, refreshing and crisp, with only 20 calories and 6g of sugar per glass. The mouthfeel is excellent and I love the soft notes of strawberry and lemon.

Freixenet Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé Wine

Personal rating: 7/10
Price: $12
Found at Trader Joe's
Freixenet Alcohol-Free Rosé
Freixenet Alcohol-Free Rosé

Our best grocery store find, the Freixenet alcohol-free rosé is a great option if you see it out and about. I found this bottle at Trader Joe’s and was really pleased with the value and quality. Pale pink with a floral aroma, it’s fruity but not overly sweet. There’s not much in the finish but it’s very pleasant and crisp. There’s less than 30 calories and 6g of sugar per glass.

UnWine'd Bubbly Non-Alcoholic Rosé

Personal rating: 7.5/10
Price: $30/4-pack
Found at The Zero Proof  (Soberishmom 10% off discount code)*
UnWine'd Bubbly Alcohol-Free Rosé Review
UnWine'd Bubbly Alcohol-Free Rosé

This is my favorite pick if you’re looking for a canned option and not a whole bottle. This refreshing, dealcoholized sparkling rosé is made from premium Washington State wine (which I’m totally biased to as a PNW-local). There is no added juice and only about 10 calories and 3g of sugar per serving. Because it’s so low-calorie it’s fairly mellow, with soft berry notes. If you’re looking for a light, low-sugar option this is a great bet.

Honorable Mentions

Get Gruvi Bubbly Rosé

This sparkling beverage is a popular one on the market and I can see why. It's a tasty, fruity drink, with 60 calories and 13g of sugar per bottle. However, it's made from sparkling water and juice and not from dealcoholized wine, so it lacks the complexity of a nonalcoholic wine, and the mouthfeel and bubbles are very different from a sparkling wine. Because it never went through the fermentation process if you want something 0% alcohol this would be a good bet. All others may have trace amounts of alcohol from 0.0-0.5% alcohol (like a kombucha).

Surely Nonalcoholic Rosé

This is more widely available than the others, carried at many grocers and Targets around the country. I've worked with it in recipes like this Rosé All Day Punch and it's a great base in mocktails as it's so low sugar. However, on it's own the balance is off and the addition of guava and grapefruit juice misses the mark for me.

Happy clean drinking! You can use code SoberishMom for 10% any order off at The Zero Proof, my favorite online shop for ordering. *Please note that this is an affiliate code, which means at zero cost to you I will make a couple bucks if you use my code at checkout, which helps me keep the account running. Affiliate programs do not impact my reviews and recommendations.

Watch me review these wines on my Instagram and as always, leave me a comment with your favorite alcohol-free drinks, I'd love to hear from you. Cheers!


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