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Aperol Kombucha Spritz

Aperol + Kombucha is a match-made-in-heaven combo I never knew existed.

Now you may be thinking, EW. That sounds awful. Because that's what I thought when my husband suggest adding kombucha to my deliciously balanced Aperol spritz one night. "How dare he?" I thought to myself. Unfortunately, he was right and now I have to admit I was wrong, one of my all-time LEAST favorite things to do.

Aperol Kombucha Recipe
Who knew Aperol and Kombucha were a delicious combo?

There are dozens of Kombucha brands and flavors, so have some fun and start experimenting. My favorite combo to date is Aperol and Lemon Berry Kombucha for a well-balanced drink.

I guess we have to thank my husband for this one, bringing us all a delicious, low-ABV drink and one step closer to our healthy and fulfilling lives. UGH.



  • 2 oz Aperol

  • 4oz Synergy Lemon Berry Kombucha (my fave combo to date, but feel free to experiment with other flavors as well!)

  • 1 oz fresh orange juice

Fill a tall glass with ice. Gently combine all ingredients and stir. Top with a slice of orange or lemon and enjoy!

Total ABV: 3% per 7 oz serving over ice.*

*ABV calculations are based on exact recipe ingredients included. Any modifications may alter the ABV content.


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