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Elderflower Spritz Recipe

A floral, low-alcohol recipe made with St-Germain Liqueur

I love a simple spritz that can be thrown together in under 2 minutes. If you've never tasted St-Germain before, it's a French liqueur made from fresh elderflowers, handpicked once a year in late spring. Just writing that makes me feel fancy. Its wild, natural sweetness and floral flavor is the perfect accent to mixers like tonic, grapefruit juices and non-alcoholic champagnes.

This low-alcohol cocktail requires no prep ahead of time and can be thrown together in a snap. The St. Germain stands in for simple syrup with its own sweetness, so no additional sweeteners are necessary. Translation: you don’t need to plan ahead and make simple syrup. Cheers to that! I combined it with Fever Tree's Elderflower Tonic, which can be found at some grocers and on my Amazon storefront.

Elderflower Spritz Recipe
Elderflower Spritz Recipe



  1. Fill a wine glass with ice.

  2. Add St-Germain, elderflower tonic, and fresh-squeezed lime.

  3. Stir and garnish with fresh mint. Enjoy!

Total ABV: 4.2% per 6 oz serving over ice.*

*ABV calculations are based on exact recipe ingredients included. Any modifications may alter the ABV content.

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