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Frozen "Aperol" Spritz Mocktail

The best recipe for a non-alcoholic "Aperol" spritz slushie

If you love an Aperol Spritz but are looking for one without any alcohol or hangovers, you've come to the right place! This frozen "Aperol" spritz mocktail screams summer with its beautiful color and Italian flavor, and is under 75 calories per glass.

Zero Proof "Aperol" Spritz Slushie
Zero Proof "Aperol" Spritz Slushie

Working with Non-Alcoholic Spirits

In this recipe I'm using one of my favorite aperitivo replacements, Spirit of Milano by Free Spirits. It has a similar tasting profile to Aperol with a flavor of bittersweet orange, rhubarb, and warm spices like cinnamon and clove. I also love how healthy it is - only 10 calories and less than 3g of sugar per ounce, compared to 15g of sugar in one ounce of Aperol. Because of that the consistency is less syrupy and it freezes well for making the perfect frozen drinks.

Your recipes and ratios will often change when working with non-alcoholic products. The flavors are different, the intensity is different - it's just not exactly the same as alcohol, so you may need to tweak your favorite recipes when converting them with non-alcoholic products. The best bet is to taste and test, and adjust to your liking.

Tips for making an "Aperol" spritz mocktail

  • Pour the Spirit of Milano into an ice cube tray the night before and freeze. This will mean you don't need ice when you blend which will dilute the flavor too much.

  • I recommend using a high quality non-alcoholic sparkling wine for this recipe, replacing that with club soda will make it too bland and watery. Here is a list of my wine recommendations.

  • Because these particular non-alcoholic spirits and wines are less sugar and lighter, you can skip adding club soda like you would in a traditional Aperol spritz recipe.

Non-alcoholic Spirit of Milano Bottle
One of my favorite "Aperol" dupes, Spirit of Milano

Ingredients - Makes 2:


  • In a blender, combine all ingredients except your garnish.

  • Blend for 15 seconds so that some of the carbonation of the bubbles remains. Depending on how you like the consistency you may need to adjust more liquid or a couple ice cubes.

  • Pour into a glass immediately, garnish and enjoy!

Happy clean drinking! Watch me make this recipe on Instagram.


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