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Cranberry Aperol Spritz

A stunning and simple spritz to throw together for fall or winter sipping

Hear me out - Aperol Spritzes are not just for summer. Aperol has a unique bittersweet taste, and at only 11% ABV is wonderful for using in low-alcohol recipes all year long. While this Italian liqueur is traditionally considered a summer drink, we're putting a fall spin on this one with the addition of cranberry juice and my famous cinnamon clove syrup to compliment the bittersweet flavor of Aperol and tartness of the cranberries.

I love adding pomegranate seeds to this one for a yummy garnish, and the wedge sort of reminds me of a brain or organs for a fun Halloween Spritz. One glass of this spritz contains 3.1% ABV*.

Low-Alcohol Aperol Cranberry Spritz Recipe
Low-Alcohol Aperol Cranberry Spritz


  • 2 oz Aperol

  • 2 oz cranberry juice

  • .5 oz lemon juice

  • .5 oz cinnamon clove syrup

  • Top with 1 oz soda water (orange or cranberry-flavored soda water would be delicious here)

  • Garnish with sliced lemons, oranges or pomegranate seeds


Fill a tall glass or wine glass with ice. Gently mix all ingredients with a spoon. Garnish with a sliver of lemon or orange.

Total ABV: 3.1% per 6oz serving over ice.*

*ABV calculations are based on exact recipe ingredients included. Any modifications may alter the ABV content.

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