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Garibaldi Recipe

I love a frothy Garibaldi! The classic recipe calls for orange juice and Campari, and I lighten it up by modifying the ingredient ratios and adding a splash of club soda as well. With just three simple ingredients you can whip up a delicious, low-ABV cocktail in no time.

The key to this recipe is "frothing" your orange juice. You will want to use a handheld frother like this one. If you don't have a frother I highly recommend purchasing one, they come in so handy for coffee drinks, cocktails and mocktails. My kids will also spend 30 minutes playing with it in the bath or our water table so... all-around win!

Garibaldi Recipe
Low-alcohol Garibaldi, made with just 3 simple ingredients.


  • 1 oz Campari

  • 3 oz orange juice

  • 1 oz club soda

  • Orange slice to garnish


  1. Fill a collins glass with ice.

  2. Pour in 1 oz Campari and give it a gentle stir. Set aside so your Campari can chill.

  3. In a separate container, froth 3 oz orange juice with a handheld frother. It takes about 15 seconds to get the right consistency.

  4. Gently pour on top of your Campari.

  5. Top with 1 oz club soda.

  6. Stir and garnish. Enjoy!

Total ABV: 4% per 5 oz serving over ice.*

*ABV calculations are based on exact recipe ingredients included. Any modifications may alter the ABV content.

Watch me make this recipe on Instagram.


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