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Peach Ranch Water Mocktail Recipe

A simple, zero-proof drink recipe for summer sipping

Perfect for besides the pool or summer dinner parties, this bright, bubbly mocktail is made with non-alcoholic tequila, sparkling mineral water (Topo Chico is my go-to), peach nectar and fresh lime juice. It’s super simple to make and so refreshing.

It’s one of those recipes that doesn’t actually require any kind of measuring and can be completely customized to your individual taste. More tequila? Done! Salt rim? Sure! You can also try this recipe with different juices like pineapple or guava.

Peach Ranch Water Mocktail Recipe
Peach Ranch Water Mocktail Recipe



  1. Open your soda and dump out 4 oz.

  2. Add in all other ingredients.

  3. You're done!

Watch me make this recipe on Instagram.


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