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De Soi Non-Alcoholic Apéritifs Review

A review of Katy Perry's sparkling, non-alcoholic apéritifs, De Soi.

Have I been living under a rock? I had no idea that Katy Perry launched her own brand of sparkling, non-alcoholic apéritifs in 2022. Probably because I was, ahem, less interested in the non-alcoholic market back in those days. But now we're a whole year older and wiser, so let's see what these drinks have in store for us.

I found these handy, travel-size cans at an online shop I love called Boisson, and they also carry full-size bottles. The packaging is beautiful, and for $25+ per four-pack they better be. I tried three different flavors (there's a fourth rosé as well), each loaded with botanicals like blackcurrant, birch and yuzu with natural adaptogens including reishi mushroom, ashwagandha and maca for a "settled yet sharper mind."

There's only one I would order again, though I do appreciate the complexity that went into each of these apéritifs. While I personally didn't notice any of the mood-enhancing properties (sharper mind, relaxation, etc.), they each have a much more elevated flavor profile than many of the non-alcoholic canned products I've tried, and it's worth exploring for yourself to find one you enjoy.

De Soi review: Golden Hour, Purple Lune, & Champignon Dreams
De Soi review: Golden Hour, Purple Lune, & Champignon Dreams

My favorite of the three, Purple Lune, is made with tart cherry, ashwagandha, date syrup and a list of complex ingredients. The flavor is deep and dark with a well-balanced earthiness. The cherry really shines alongside balsamic vinegar, vanilla and a hint of cocoa. It feels like you're actually drinking a cocktail, and I'd definitely order this one again.

De Soi's Purple Lune Review
De Soi's Purple Lune Review

Champignon Dreams is made from a duo of reishi mushroom and passion flower along with L-theanine derived from green tea. Up front there were nice notes of strawberry and apricot, with a funky earthiness finish. It tasted sort of like a fruity mushroom kombucha. Not exactly what I'm looking for in an evening cocktail, but perhaps an acquired taste.

Golden Hour is made with a "mood-boosting" blend of L-theanine derived from green tea and lemon balm, alongside yuzu juice, maple syrup and a blend of herbs. It was quite gingery, citrusy and sweet up front, almost like a ginger beer. We were off to a great start, but the finish was quite bitter and soap-like. I had several people recommend this one to me, so perhaps it's like cilantro - some people taste herbs and some taste soap. Unfortunately, I got the soap.

Watch me review these on Instagram and send me message with some of your favorite n/a products, I'd love to hear from you. Happy clean drinking!


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