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Non-Alcoholic Tequila Review

Three non-alcoholic spirits that will help you avoid those raging tequila hangovers.

If you want to kick-up that virgin margarita to taste a little closer to the real thing, a non-alcoholic tequila is the perfect way to do so. I've tried several different ones and these three were top of the list, all found at Dry Goods Beverage Co. It's almost impossible to find non-alcoholic spirits at grocery stores, and I highly recommend using a great online shop like this one for better variety and quality. These three bottles are by no means an exhaustive list of the amazing non-alcoholic tequilas out there, but they’re a great place to start.

Non-alcoholic tequila review
Non-alcoholic tequila review

Does it Taste like "Real" Tequila?

Before we get into the reviews, let me be perfectly honest... are these the perfect dupes to "real" tequila? No, and it's probably never going to taste exactly the same (see one of my blind beer tastings here). Most non-alcoholic products are not meant to be sipped neat, they're meant to add an additional flavor profile to your drink. So when you try nonalcoholic products, think of them as a killer ingredient to help your mocktails taste more like the real deal, and go in with an open mind and slightly altered expectations.

Non-Alcoholic Spirits Aren't Just for Mocktails

Another great way to consume non-alcoholic spirits is to mix them with their alcoholic counterpart or other alcohol-based ingredients. Maybe instead of two full shots of tequila in your margarita you replace one of the shots with a non-alcoholic ingredient. This will help pace you and decrease your overall alcohol consumption.

Now on to the Tastings...

Cut Above Mezcal

Price: $35

It's very hard to find non-alcoholic Mezcal, which is why I was so excited to try this Cut Above Mezcal. I really enjoyed this replacement, the flavor profile is very well-balanced with a good quantity of smoke, bell peppers and a touch of spice, with a mellow burn to the finish. Many Mezcals taste like a smoke-bomb going off in your mouth which I usually shy away from, but I liked the balance of this one quite a bit. There was a bit of an odd aftertaste when drank neat (not recommended with most non-alcoholic spirits), so I'm really excited to feature it in a few upcoming mocktail recipes.

Cut Above Non-Alcoholic Mezcal
Cut Above Non-Alcoholic Mezcal

Spiritless Jalisco 55 Tequila Replacement

Price: $38

A reposado style tequila, Jalisco 55 by Spiritless is a sweet and grassy tequila replacement with a strong flavor of agave (definitely the sweetest of the three), hint of citrus, sweet mint and spicy oak. It has a bit of a vegetal flavor to it that I don't love in a classic margarita, but it worked in my dragonfruit margarita.

Jalisco 55 Non-Alcoholic Tequila
Jalisco 55 Non-Alcoholic Tequila

Ritual Zero Proof Tequila

Price: $30

Ritual Zero Proof Tequila is a great substitute when skipping the real deal, probably my favorite of the three if I had to pick just one. It has the strongest replicated burn of alcohol with a very powerful spice to the finish. The nose is smoky with a hint of agave. Sipped neat, it tastes sweet, smoky with a spicy finish. The powerful flavor makes it stand up well in mixed drinks.

Non-Alcoholic Ritual Zero Proof Tequila
Ritual Zero Proof Tequila

Watch me review these on Instagram and send me message with some of your favorite n/a products, I'd love to hear from you. Happy clean drinking!


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