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Fall & Stormy Zero Proof Cocktail Recipe

An autumn play on the classic Dark and Stormy, without any of the alcohol

If you're looking for a delicious autumn drink, look no further than this spiced Fall & Stormy zero proof recipe. It's easy to make with just three ingredients that you can build right in a glass, and is perfect for sipping on a cool fall evening.

Fall & Stormy Zero Proof Cocktail Recipe
Fall & Stormy Zero Proof Cocktail Recipe

For this nonalcoholic drink recipe I'm using Gnista Barreled Oak, which is a dark nonalcoholic spirit from a female-founded company out of Sweden. The flavor is very complex and delicious, maybe one of the only non-alcoholic spirits you could actually sip on the rocks. The nose reminds me of fruit cake a bit and the flavor follows with a raisin-like sweetness. It's a little smoky and has warm spice notes without being overly sweet. It really compliments the ginger beer that goes into a dark and stormy.

Fall & Stormy Zero Proof Cocktail
Fall & Stormy Zero Proof Cocktail
  • 2 oz Gnista Barreled Oak

  • 4 oz ginger beer (I like Q mixers - make sure to use a high quality mixer and not ginger ale)

  • .75 oz lime juice - about the juice of a full lime

  • Garnish with dehydrated lime wheel or slice of fresh lime

  1. Fill a high ball or Collins glass with ice. Add freshly-squeezed lime juice.

  2. Add in your ginger beer. Stir for 10 seconds to mix.

  3. Float the Gnista on top - so it looks like a stormy fall sky.

  4. Give a good stir, garnish and enjoy. Cheers!

Watch me make this recipe on Instagram.


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