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Sparkling Ginger Peach Punch

A non-alcoholic sparkling punch perfect for hosting and brunch parties

I am always hesitant to try a punch... they're usually sicky sweet with lots of added sugar. In this recipe I used a ginger turmeric tea from Bigelow as the base to really balance out the sweetness. I found this tea at Safeway and it's carried at many big-chain grocers. If you can't find this exact one, a ginger lemon tea would be delicious and you could add in a couple tablespoons of Turmeric yourself for a more complex flavor.

The tea is combined with one of my favorite non-alcoholic bubbles, TÖST non-alcoholic sparkling beverage. To be clear, this is not a non-alcoholic sparkling wine and it doesn't pretend to be. It's categorized as a "sparkling tea beverage" and the flavor is a little sweet and floral with a hint of ginger spice. It's a lovely product for making punches, mocktails or drinking straight.

Ginger Peach Turmeric Punch Recipe
I used a Ginger Peach Turmeric tea in this recipe.

This punch is simple, but does call for some ahead-of-time planning. I usually hate that, but I'll pull out the big guns for holidays or whenever I want to impress large groups of people!

I used an ice mold which I highly recommend in most batch recipes so that you don't have small ice cubes melting quickly and diluting your punch. You can watch how I make this ice mold on my Instagram. It will need to be made at least one day before you plan on serving your punch, and can stay in the freezer a few extra days if needed.

Sparkling Ginger Peach Punch
Non-alcoholic sparkling ginger peach punch, perfect for a big celebration.

For the ice mold and garnishes I used lemon, mint and shrubs. You could use peach slices, edible flowers or other citrus wedges as well and it would be lovely.



Serves 8 people


  1. Fill a large glass measuring cup with 10 tea bags and pour 4 C of boiling water on top. Let steep at least 8 hours, or up to overnight (the flavor improves if it sits overnight). Remove tea bags and it can stay in fridge for 1-3 days .

  2. Once your tea is chilled and you're ready to make your punch, add the ice mold to a punch bowl and gently pour the tea over.

  3. Add one bottle of TÖST non-alcoholic sparkling beverage. I used the white tea + ginger flavor.

  4. Add in 1 can (12oz) of peach nectar.

  5. Juice your lemons into the punch.

  6. Gently stir and garnish with additional lemon slices and some nice mint leaves or edible flowers.

  7. Serve in champagne flutes or over ice in a rocks glass, garnished with a lemon slice.

  8. Enjoy as all of your friends and family praise you for your delicious punch!

Tips & Tricks

  • Making the tea: the more tea bags you add, the more concentrated the flavor will be, but it can also turn a little bitter so I wouldn't do more than 15 max. Make sure it steeps at least 8 hours or overnight.

  • Make sure all of your ingredients are chilled before making this punch.

  • The tea, peach nectar and lemons can be mixed ahead of time and stay in the fridge overnight. Combine with the sparkling TÖST right before serving.

  • If you don't want to use TÖST try swapping it out with a non-alcoholic sparkling wine. I wouldn't just use club soda in this one, the flavor will be too bland.

Watch me make this recipe on Instagram.

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